Satrec Initiative (SI) was founded in 1999 by engineers who developed the first Korean satellite and a series of advanced small satellites for 10 years. Since foundation, it has contributed to the success of over 25 domestic and international space programs.
It offers reliable and cost–effective product for Earth observation missions as well as sophisticated defense product. SI also provides training, technical consulting and engineering support through experienced engineers and scientists. SI has two R&D complexes located at the Daedeok INNOPOLIS in Daejeon, Korea.
SI has two subsidiaries; SI Imaging Services and SI Detection. SI Imaging Services provides high–resolution imagery and related services and
SI Detection provides state–of–the–art radiation monitoring solutions.

Satrec Initiative (SI) is a world-leading solution provider for Earth observation missions.
SI’s technologies on satellite platforms, electro-optical payloads and ground system provide reliable and cost-effective solutions.



SI Detection is a subsidiary of Satrec Initiative (SI) and provides state-of-art radiation monitoring solutions. Products include gamma radiation monitoring, X-ray radiation monitoring machines, and software for the purpose of detecting radiation, etc.