Application Note

[DEM] Orthorectification of KOMPSAT Optical Images Using Various Ground Reference Data and Accuracy Assessment

SI Imaging Services
2018-02-21 05:50

Along with the appearance of high resolution satellite images, image correction using Rational Polynomial Coefficients (RPCs) has become common. Location accuracy of Korea Multipurpose Satellite (KOMPSAT) standard images is still not adequate, so, in order to leverage the KOMPSAT images for applications such as mapping and change detection, it is necessary to orthorectify the images. In this study, using updated RPCs, we performed orthorectification of KOMPSAT-2, KOMPSAT-3, and KOMPSAT-3A images using various data. Through this study, we discovered that the orthorectification result using precise Ground Control Points(GCPs) and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is the best, but it was found that the correction results through image matching are also excellent. In particular, it was confirmed that orthoimages with a planimetric accuracy around 3m (Root Mean Square Error(RMSE)) can be generated by using well-known matching algorithms with open data such as OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) DEM, which can be acquired by anyone. Although the accuracy was low in some mountainous
terrain, it was confirmed that it could be used for generating KOMPSAT orthoimages using open data. This paper describes the results for orthorectifying high resolution KOMPSAT optical images using various reference data.

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