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[Disaster Management] Floods in Volograd Oblast Region, Russia on March , 2018

SI Imaging Services
2018-05-31 06:00

Severe flooding has occurred in the Volgogradskaya Oblast Region of Russia following vast amounts of snow melting on March 26, 2018. The flooding was caused by melting snow and ice jams in rivers, along with some rain. The situation has been worsened by the fact that the ground is frozen and unable to absorb the melting snow and rain.
Approximately 31 inhabited locations have been badly affected, leaving 790 houses inundated and 2,680 yards flooded.

Local authorities have activated emergency operations to evacuate the residents and to provide aid. Over 359 people, including 105 children, have been evacuated. The map shows the flooded Yelan region of Russia's Volgograd Oblast, which was taken by KOMPSAT-3 on April 10. The areas of interest were selected for residential and were shown to be more likely to be flooded. It shown the progress of flooding compared to the between April 5 and April 10.