KOMPSAT Satellite DRS (Direct Receiving Station) aims to provide a complete solution to the final customer.
KOMPSAT series DRS provides;

•  Planning for KOMPSAT series image acquisition
•  Direct reception & archiving of KOMPSAT satellite downlink
•  Standard product, ROI Product and catalog generation
•  Product, catalog and order management
•  Data archiving & management

System Architecture of DRS

DRS is used for the direct receiving system of KOMPSAT at the customer site.
It is a flexible and modular system for acquisition, archiving, processing, analysis and distribution of KOMPSAT image data.

•  DRS is designed for the operational user with a demand for high throughput and cost efficient operations.
•  The system is well suited as an engine for near real time services.
•  Direct Receiving Station(DRS) offers cost-effective solution to customers with large need of satellite imagery.