Application Note

[Infrastructure] KOMPSAT-5 change detection analysis

SI Imaging Services
2020-05-27 08:17

This study is conducted by Dochul Yang, Senior Researcher from Korea Aerospace Research Institute to detect changes in urban areas with KOMPSAT-5 SAR images. SNAP S1TBX (Version 7.0) software was used to perform change detection analysis.

SAR change detection is a technique that observes and detects a change in a target by using the intensity or phase information of a SAR image obtained at different times in the same region. There are two main types of change detection; the first method is Amplitude Change Detection (ACD) and the second method is Coherent Change Detection (CCD). ACD is the most common method for detecting changes by comparing the intensity information of an image. ACD is able to efficiently detect large changes and is efficient in detecting changes in artificial structures, buildings, vehicles, objects, etc. A typical ACD method which uses a log ratio between two acquired images has been implemented in the following case studies. On the other hand, CCD is a method to detect change using the phase coherence of two SAR images. CCD is mainly used to detect minute changes (mm to cm level) that are difficult to detect with ACD.

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