Application Note

[Mapping] Study on 1:5,000 map produced using KOMPSAT-3 satellite image

SI Imaging Services
2020-08-31 05:54

In this study, the process and results of (1) generating an ortho-image using KOMPSAT-3 images and (2) producing a 2D map with a scale of 1:5,000 from the ortho-image using a softcopy photogrammetic workstation were reviewed. The study area is a local city called Khmouda in Caserin province, Tunisia, and KOMPSAT-3 L1O stereo pair images acquired in June 2019 provided by SIIS was used for this study.

In addition, Asia Aero Survey Co., Ltd. produced an ortho-image from L1O images using ERDAS Imagine supported by the Incheon National University Surveying Laboratory, and in the process, automatic tie point generation, aerial triangulation, and DTM generation through KOMPSAT-3 image stereo matching were performed and the produced DTM was used as input data for correction.

Because GCPs that were measured at the site could not be obtained, five clearly identifiable points in Google Earth were selected and used as GCP data. Vector topographic feature extraction was performed through 2D digitization at the softcopy photogrammetric workstation(HIST-DPW), with the ortho-image produced in the preceding work being input.

Please download the below attachment for more details.