July, 2020

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2020-07-02 02:19


KOMPSAT-2 Gallery

KOMPSAT-2 will turn 14 as the day of July 28th! It captured over 3,264,471 scenes by April 30th, 2020 since its launch from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia on July 28, 2006. On this celebration, we are sharing an image over Araxá in Brazil captured by KOMPSAT-2 on June 21st, 2020. The image shows the crop field variation with beautiful colors of red, green and brown as well as geographical features such as small valleys.



KARI(Korea Aerospace Research Institute) has been releasing KOMPSAT Imagery Quality Report since May, 2016. We have been sharing reports on our website and newsletter every other month. The report of March and April, 2020 includes information about KOMPSAT-5. They show location accuracy, ground resolution, etc. The location accuracy of KOMPSAT satellites have improved a lot from the designed specification.

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In this study we demonstrate how to generate high accuracy mosaic using KOMPSAT-3A data. The city of Ottawa, Canada, was chosen as the study area.   SI Imaging Services (SIIS) provided nine KOMPSAT-3A L1O data with overlaps acquired between April and June of 2017. L1O data was chosen because it is supplied with RPC data, which enables use of the RPC geometric modeling method. PCI OrthoEngine software was used to perform the entire process. The following figure shows the nine images before correction.

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In this study two blocks of KOMPSAT-5 L1A standard mode images were used to study the geometric modeling accuracy of the images both with and without GCPs. The first set is a block of four images of the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The second set is a block of 9 images of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. PCI OrthoEngine software was used to perform the evaluation process.  Since KOMPSAT-5 L1A data is distributed with RPCs, RPC geometric modeling method was used for the study.

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At Apollo Mapping we believe in one simple but important guiding principle – the customer comes first. Whether you’re an academic, an engineer, a map enthusiast or business owner, we believe Apollo Mapping is the clear choice for all of your geospatial, remote sensing and mapping needs. Image Hunter, our online search engine, leads the industry as the most comprehensive source for up-to-date imagery any where on the planet. With a few clicks, you can peruse KOMPSAT imagery over your area of interest, delving into its massive archive. The KOMPSAT constellation’s long history is ideal for tracking change and glimpsing into the past. Apollo Mapping is committed to providing the most relevant im
agery for your project with the support of SI Imaging Services.

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Image of the Month


Congratulations to NASA and SpaceX for the successful launch of Crew Dragon capsule! In celebration of the launch, we are sharing KOMPSAT-3 imagery of Crew Dragon taken just one hour before the launch.


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