February, 2018

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2018-03-05 00:44

SIIS will hold a booth at upcoming GeoSmart Asia and Locate in Adelaide, Australia.

*Date: April 9 - 11, 2018
*Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre
*Booth No.: To be announced


2018 KOMPSAT Reseller Meeting will be held on 15th-18th of May, 2018 in Koreana hotel, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

*Date: May 15 - 18, 2018
*Venue: Koreana hotel
*SIIS partners only

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KARI(Korea Aerospace Research Institute) has been releasing KOMPSAT Imagery Quality Report since May, 2016. We will share the report on our website and newsletter every other month. The report of November and December shows information of KOMPSAT-5. It includes location accuracy, ISLR, PSLR, and radiometric error value. The location accuracy of KOMPSAT satellites have improved a lot from the designed specification.

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GeoSpatial is a Colombian engineering and geomatics company, specialized in the use of new technologies for the use of spatial information. With 21 years of experience, he has focused his efforts on advisory and auditing projects in infrastructure, cadastre, cartography, urban planning, topography, mining and public services. We are authorized dealers of SI Imaging Services, with their Kompsat 2, Kompsat 3 and Kompsat 5 satellites. From them we obtain and process a great variety of high resolution satellite images, as well as multispectral, panchromatic and radar optical images. These images are very useful for the government sector and private companies, since they are used for engineering,
agriculture, environmental and identification of illicit crops.

Address : Calle 26 # 69 D 91 Ofc. 203, Bogota, ZIP: 110931, Colombia
Tel : +571-745-0044
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Application Note

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Antarctica, where ice sheet has been declined rapidly, should be monitored periodically. However, there are difficult to access for local survey or aircraft observation due to the vast and extreme environments of the polar regions. In order to overcome this problem, there have been a lot of studies by acquiring radar or laser data by satellite. It is also difficult to accurately measure the changes of the surface where is composed of snow or ice layer, and it is also difficult to product a high-resolution DEM. This study therefore aims to product DEMs of two periods using high-resolution KOMPSAT-3A stereo
images, and DEM matching is implemented by the LZD(Least-squares Z-Differences) method to detect DEM changes in both periods. As a result, the proposed method could be suggested as comparing height differences of the two DEMs within 1m precision.

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Image of the Month

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Shell Albian Sands in Canada and DEM extracted from the imagery by KOMPSAT-3.

The Albian sands TSF near Fort Mackay, Canada is ~15x15km in size. Its mid-Canadian location also means that for much of the winter it is covered in extensive snow or ice which can make ground and aerial surveys difficult to undertake on a regular basis during the winter months.
The output DEM from KOMPSAT-3 was generated at 2m grid spacing and compared with drone and LiDAR survey information captured close to the acquisition date. 14 GCPs were used for the accuracy assessment of the DEM generated with points collected on or around a sample area of the TSF. The results showed high accuracy despite the snow conditions with an RMS error of 1.25m leading to an overall sub-grid spacing accuracy.


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