February, 2017

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2017-02-01 02:55
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SIIS will attend upcoming Latin America Geospatial Forum in Santiago, Chile.

*Date: April 3-5, 2017
*Venue: Sheraton Santiago Hotel and Convention Center, Chile
*Booth No: To be announced


Geospatial World Forum was held for three days from January 23 to 25 in Hyderabad, India. The theme of conference was 'Geospatial + Deep learning: Shaping smarter world', and sessions were related to geospatial industry. It was fruitful opportunity to meet indian companies in the same field with us. Mr. Hwan Jong Chu, the senior business development manager of SI Imaging Services, delivered a presentation about modern geospatial methods and Korea multi-purpose satellite constellation.

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Defense Geospatial Intelligence conference was held for three days from January 23 to 25 in London, United Kingdom. The conference was for defense industry users and companies, and SI Imaging Services team was pleased to show KOMPSAT constellation as a good method for defense application.

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KARI(Korea Aerospace Research Institute) has been releasing KOMPSAT Imagery Quality Report since May, 2016. We will share the report on our website and newsletter monthly. The report of December edition shows information of KOMPSAT-3, 3A, and 5. It includes location accuracy, MTF, SNR. The location accuracy of KOMPSAT-3 and 3A has improved a lot from the designed specification, and it has been improved over time.

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Geo4i is a French company specialized in geospatial data management, valorization of geospatial information and imagery analysis in the fields of defense and security. The expertise of Geo4i embraces different fields like IMINT, GEOINT, geospatial data management, data mining and open sources data. It is a reactive SME able to adapt itself quickly to customer needs. It gives you the benefit of its employees with proven experience in imagery, information search and geospatial analysis.
Geo4i bring you a new view on access, on processing and on enhancement of information and geolocated data.
Geo4i’s  analytical and spatial approach offers perspectives and solutions in many fields such as defence, security, business intelligence, monitoring, risk management, etc. Geo4i can provide consulting services, IMINT training, data production, specific tools and satellite imagery like Kompsat.

Company name: Geo4i
Address: 38, Rue Salvador Allende - 60160 Montataire, France
Tel.: +336-729-15344

Image of the Month

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Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan taken by KOMPSAT-2 on June 5th, 2013.

It is a modification of KOMPSAT-2 image over Al Thughra in Jordan designed by an artist, Ruth Spiller. The image was used for non-commercial purpose, a charity project 'Create Change'. The project focuses on improving girls' education, increasing rural schools, and providing clean water. The artist, Rush Spiller, transformed Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan to dove of peace to show the purpose of 'Create Change'. The artwork was posted in a non-commercial magazine, Huffington Post.


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