April, 2021

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2021-04-08 01:41

Apr. 2021

"The earth is what we all have in common." This is a quote by Wendell Berry, an american environmental activist. Eco-friendly, also referred to as nature-friendly and green, means doing no harm to the environment. Why is it important to be eco-friendly? Since the world is corrupted, making it sustainable is essential. Going eco-friendly also improves quality of lives when it comes to mortality, age, and diseases. Why don't we do something green today?

7th anniversary of SIIS establishment

SIIS turned 7 today! We would like to take this occasion to express gratitude to our team, partners, and customers for being a great help to our company. Our company has countless achievements and accomplishments through the years. Without their support, we could not come this far. We look forward for more glorious years of success ahead!

KOMPSAT-5 Imagery Quality Report 746c4eb3-e042-4390-958b-5f51b35083fa.png

KARI(Korea Aerospace Research Institute) has been releasing KOMPSAT Imagery Quality Report since May, 2016. We have been sharing reports on our website and newsletter every other month. The report of November and December, 2020 includes information about KOMPSAT-5. They show location accuracy, ground resolution, etc. The location accuracy of KOMPSAT satellites has improved a lot from the designed specification.


Tracking Global Metal Production Using MetalSignalsTM by RS Metrics

SI Imaging Services (SIIS) provided KOMPSAT-3 and 3A imagery to RS Metrics to use KOMPSAT imagery in MetalSignalsTM. RS Metrics' MetalSignalsTM tracks global outdoor inventories across base & ferrous metals and bulk commodities of major global smelter, storage and port locations and is highly predictive of LME base metal futures price directions 1 and 3 months out with proven out-of-sample accuracy rates between 70% - 85%. The first site is Tiwai Point Aluminum Smelter in New Zealand. The imagery was taken by KOMPSAT-3 on January 15th, 2021. The facility, New Zealand's only aluminum smelter, is at Tiwai Point, near Bluff. It imports alumina and processes it into primary aluminum. The plant's alumina is supplied from refineries in Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia. Around 90% of the aluminum produced at NZAS is exported, mainly to Japan. RS Metrics' proprietary platform has detected and measured 17236sqm of aluminum finished products (in red) at the site. Moreover, there are 153 employee cars and 3 trucks.

GeoCento Ltd

Geocento was founded in 2011 and pioneered web-based access to imagery through their EarthImages platform. S I Imaging supported Geocento in their first image sale back in 2015. Since then, S I Imaging have proved to be a reliable, responsive and valued partner to Geocento.

Geocento’s latest and increasingly popular platform is EarthImages NEO, which offers end-to-end discovery, ordering and delivery of imagery plus full resolution image visualisation, hosting and hosted processing. NEO has been designed for repeat customers of imagery, who are interested in flexible image procurement, along with specialist tools such as AOI optimisation, as well as longstanding tools such as image alerts.

Our latest initiative is the development of EarthImages-on-Demand, which is a marketplace for fresh imagery collection. This is being developed in coordination with a group of suppliers including S I Imaging. Please do contact us here for further information.

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March 27th, 2021