KOMPSAT-3A Image Data Manual v1.5

SI Imaging Services
2019-07-01 00:48
This is updated KOMPSAT-3A Image Data Manual. Following is brief information about the manual;

This image data manual provides customers with the overview of KOMPSAT 3 A system, detailed product description, license , order options and product format description.

1.1 Overview
KOMPSAT-3A is a high performance remote sensing satellite, which provides 0. 4 m panchromatic and 1.6 m multi-spectral ortho products for various applications. KOMPSAT-3A was launched into a sun synchronous low Earth orbit on the 25th of March , 2015 as a data continuity program of KOMPSAT-3. The life time of KOMPSAT-3A is expected more than 7 years.
KOMPSAT-3A uses same platform and payload with KOMPSAT-3, but it provides higher resolution earth observation imagery by lowering the altitude to 528km. KOMPSAT-3A products are adequate for applications in defense, mapping, infrastructure monitoring, agriculture and disaster monitoring. By launching KOMPSAT-3A, there are four KOMPSAT satellites in orbit providing very high resolution optical and SAR imagery.

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