KOMPSAT-5 Orthorectification processing with SNAP

Technical Note
SI Imaging Services
2018-08-03 05:27
We are sharing KOMPSAT-5 Orthorectification processing with SNAP.
Below content shows that free software SNAP support KOMPSAT-5 data, please refer to the attachment for more details.

1. Introduction
The Purpose of this document is to explain KOMPSAT-5 SAR prosessing with SNAP.

2. KOMPSAT-5 Products
There are three product levels for KOMPSAT-5 image data such as Level 1A, Level 1B and Level 1D product. The Level 1A is single-look complex data, which can be used for interferometry SAR.

Processing Level Description
Level 1A Single look complex data projected on slant range / azimuth (zero Doppler)
Level 1C Signal amplitude data geocoded on earth ellipsoid (WGS 84)
Level 1D Backscattering coefficients geocoded on earth terrain (DEM+EGM96 EQPOT)