[White Paper] Estimation of KOMPSAT-3 Imagery Potential for DSM Creation

White Paper
SI Imaging Services
2017-09-15 00:56
Anatoliy Zubarev, Racurs, Russia, 2016
The present research was a stage of the complex project on KOMPSAT-3 stereo images testing conducted by
specialists of Racurs company in DPW PHOTOMOD.

Presently, satellite stereo survey becomes more and more popular. Many new RSD satellites will be launched in
the next years and dozens are successfully operated today. Racurs's team has tested KOMPSAT-3 stereopair (GSD =
0.8 m, convergence angle = 44 degrees) and evaluated accuracy of KOMPSAT-3 digital surface model (DSM) vs DSM
from aerial survey (GSD = 0.18 m).
The following characteristics of KOMPSAT-3 data were tested:
  • RPC accuracy;

  • Stereopair inner geometry;

  • Stereopair DSM accuracy comparing with aerial survey DSM

For more details, please download below attached original file.