[White Paper] Geolocation accuracy of 2014 4Q

White Paper
SI Imaging Services
2015-01-29 02:38
1. Geolocation accuracy

KOMPSAT constellation consists of two satellites, KOMPSAT-2 and KOMPSAT-3 providing optical imagery of very high resolution. Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) and SI Imaging Services (SIIS) performs regular geolocation accuracy measurements. This paper presents process and result of assessment of geolocation accuracy of KOMPSAT-2 and KOMPSAT-3 imagery.

The geolocation accuracies of KOMPSAT-2 and KOMPSAT-3 are summarized in following table. This results are valid for tilt angle less than 30 degrees and exclude terrain effects.

Satellite Resolution Design specification Measurements Remarks
KOMPSAT-2 1.0 m 80 m CE90 62.8 m CE90 Refine attitude and ephemeris are used
KOMPSAT-3 0.7 m 70 m CE90 40.6 m CE90

Table 1. Geolocation accuracy of KOMPSAT-2 and KOMPSAT-3 (Q4, 2014)